Events and Team Building

Brasuco organizes personal events and team building sessions in Ghent and surroundings. It's an excellent way for you and colleagues or friends to have a lovely time and enjoy each other's company. You enjoy plant-based foods and smoothies and can take part in a variety of activities.

Plant-based Foods and Drinks

If you choose for Brasuco, you choose a healthy experience.  I serve plant-based foods and smoothies. They will keep you light and fit during the event. There are also cocktails available for the alcohol lovers. Would you like to have more than a standard catering, without the different activities? No problem! Brasuco provides that kind of catering service.

A variety of Activities

Brasuco offers a variety of activities. There is room for massages, body movement, yoga, dancing and vegan cooking. They are all meaning exercises that elevate the spirit and strengthen social bonds. Yoga sessions, for example, let you discover how to relax the body and mind in a meaningful way. It is a great way to relieve stress.

Tuesday the 8th of may we have the 3workshops of plantbased cooking, massages and bodymovement. It's all 3 in 1 location. Just put on your comfortable clothes and come to enjoy this night.

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Are you interested in a team building session in Ghent? If you are, you can fill in the form below. Answer the questions below, and I will contact you as soon as possible. If you want more information about the catering service, feel free to contact Brasuco.


Brasuco organizes a lot of different workshops in Ghent like yoga classes and dancing lessons. There is no better way to relieve stress and strengthen your body. The workshops can be private or in a group. There is also the possibility to liven up your party or event with one of my workshops.

Zouk: a Brazilian Dance

I offer dancing classes in Zouk. It is a Brazilian dance that originated from the lambada.  Dancing keeps you young and improves the connection between people. Especially couple dancing can liven up a relationship. Some amazing teachers from abroad come and visit our workshops. So, if you feel like connecting by dancing and learning some new skills, you should definitely contact me. I would be happy to organize your workshop or spice up your party or event.

Retreats in Greece

Brasuco arranges retreats in Greece and other inspiring places. During these trips, you enjoy yoga moments with Vicky Woods. She is a wonderful yoga teacher and an excellent guide for finding pause in life. I serve delicious plant-based meals so your body can truly cleanse itself throughout the retreat.

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You can order your private class, group class or retreat online. All workshops take place in Ghent and surroundings. Contact me if you want more information on these healthy workshops. I'm happy to help.


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