Workshops and retreats

Brasuco organizes  different workshops in Ghent with yoga, vegan cooking, massages, dance,bodymovement. There is no better way to relieve stress and strengthen your body & mind. The workshops can be for individuals or groups. There is also the possibility to liven up your party or event with one of our workshops.

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Zouk: a Brazilian Dance to connect better with yourself and others

It is a Brazilian dance that originated from the lambada.  Dancing keeps you young and improves the connection between people. Especially couple dancing can liven up a relationship. Some amazing teachers from abroad come and visit our workshops or retreats.  So, if you feel like connecting by dancing and learning some new skills, you should definitely contact me. I would be happy to organize your workshop or spice up your party or event. On retreats this can be the perfect way to learn more about your body and rythm, as well to learn how to connect better with others through a non-verbal way.

Retreats in Greece and California

Brasuco will organise healthy food and lifestyle retreats in Greece , California and other inspiring places in 2020. If you have a glamping place or a fantastic location where you want to organise a retreat for your visitors, we are the one to help you out with the organising and the setting up of the infrastructure.

During the retreats there will be the possibility to have outdoor activities on the glamping places.  During these trips, you will enjoy yoga moments with local and international yoga teachers , an excellent guide for finding pause in life. Also meditation and the massages can not be missed out to detoxify your body and reload your energy. We serve delicious plant-based meals or vegan so your body can truly cleanse itself throughout the retreat. Depending on the location and the length of the stay, we will introduce the zouk (dance, music and exercises) into the retreat so this can connect you better with your partner or friend, or even get a special bound with new people on the retreat. Dancing is proven to be the best remedy to feel better, younger, energized, happy and connected with yourself and others.

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