Vegan Food and Lifestyle Coaching

For more information about lifestyle choices and vegan food in Ghent, you can always rely on Brasuco. I offer lifestyle coaching sessions in which I help people with health issues and teach them to live a healthy life.

My Mission

My mission is to help people reflect on who they are and help them respect their body and their mind. I want to be mindful of others and nature. I aim to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle, and I do this by sharing my experiences. If you are ready to go on a new adventure, you are on the right track with me.

Handy exercises

I will show you great exercises to relax, strengthen and stretch your body. I will teach you many breathing techniques, give detoxing massages and show you how to prepare delicious and healthy smoothies and vegan food here in Ghent. Nutrition is an essential way of detoxing and healing your body. Through wholesome food, you rejuvenate and get more energy.

Lifestyle Coaching

Every session takes at least one hour. It can take place at your home, outside, in your local fitness or even online. I'm fluent in English, Dutch, French and Portuguese and have no problem coaching in one of those languages.


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