Healthy food & Lifestyle Coaching

For more information about healthy plantbased food  and healthy lifestyle coaching  you can always rely on Brasuco. I offer healthy lifestyle coaching sessions in which I help people with health issues and teach them to live a healthier  and more vibrant life.

My Mission

My mission is to help people reflect on who they are and help them respect their body and their mind. I want to be mindful with others and nature. I aim to guide people towards a healthier lifestyle, and I do this by sharing my experiences. If you are ready to go on a new adventure, you are on the right track with me.

Handy exercises

I will show you great exercises to relax, strengthen and stretch your body. I will teach you many breathing techniques, give detoxing, ayurvedic, sport and deep tissue massages and show you how to prepare delicious and healthy smoothies and vegan food here in Ghent or at your place. Nutrition is an essential way of detoxing and healing your body. Through wholesome food, you rejuvenate and get more energy.

Healthy food & lifestyle Coaching 

My speciality as a health coach is about the health issues with food intolerances like gluten and lactose. People with autoimmune diseases and an unhealthy gut (leaky gut),  who suffer from psoriasis and want to get a balanced diet with only vegan/plantbased ingredients. I guide people through the different possibilities to handle those struggles. It is for you and your kids, friends, partner, family members who are in need of a holistic healing instead of going to a classical doctor or hospital. I'm not a doctor, I am a naturopathic practitioner and share my experiences to help you out to recover and become more selfcaring and selfhealing. Some ways to do this:

The use of an organic plantbased food diet to heal your gut & body, with supplements and a plantbased diet

Introduction to a guided music journey, to help you heal and release tensions and emotions from within

Boosting your immune system, with exercise and a plantbased non-toxic diet

Self love rituals that will make you happier & more productive, with bodymassages and oils, music & dance/bodymovement, meditation

How to heal a stress damaged body and brain, get your balance back with  essential oils and chakra healing

Daily vitamins & supplements to reduce the cancer risk, with juices & smoothies, herbs & spices, detoxification, intermittant fasting

To follow your instincts and make better health & life choices



Every session takes at least one hour. This is spreaded over several days  and will take you as long as needed.  First I'll send you an intake form with some introducing questions to get to know you. Then we'll have a phonecall and then after getting through the contract, we'll start off with the first session.It can take place in my coaching room or even online.

I'm fluent in English, Dutch, French and Portuguese and have no problem coaching in one of those languages.

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