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Brasuco organizes B2C and B2B events and team building sessions in Ghent and surroundings. 


Organising events and looking for some entertainment through dancing,  live music, yoga, cooking, massages, in-&outdoor activities, having a foodtruck with delicious vegan meals and smoothies or cocktails. It's a total concept of having a great time with small groups or reconnecting with friends or collegues. 

Brasuco has been there on birthday parties, baby drinks, weddings, business opening receptions, teambuildings, business drinks, and so many more. We make your time more precious with family and friends or your collegues. 

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Retreats in Greece and California on a glamping place as a teambuilding or gift to your employees.

Brasuco will organise  healthy food and lifestyle retreats in Greece and California in 2020. ( also in Belgium and The Netherlands for shorter retreats). Our professional and local  yoga teachers are an excellent guide for finding pause in life. There will also be the possibility to have massages and outdoor activities on the glamping places. Brasuco will serve delicious plantbased meals so your body can truly cleanse itself throughout the retreat.

We're building on the retreats and get back to you with more details. Just leave a mail if you have any questions or suggestions to


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