Healthy lifestyle coaching & massages

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Healthy lifestyle coaching & massages

As a holistic lifestyle coach, a vegan cook and massagetherapist, I can provide you the information you need to have some beneficial changes in life and your daily routines. It's about detoxing your body and environment, revitalising, relaxing, stretching and strenghtening your core, using essential oils, exercise, travelling, reading, massages, wellness...

Adapting your lifestyle is also preparing the right foods for you so your body can heal from within and start upgrading your energy level. It's the intake of the right supplements with a vegan lifestyle and balancing the nutrients that your body requires for a better physical body. 

Mental health and physical health go hand in hand and require a big effort to become a better balanced person. Ever heard of the brain-gut connection or Altzheimer or brain fog, anxiety, depression and food connections? Well, everything is more connected to eachother than you would ever imagine! 

Dial in for your first rendez-vous @ my private office, and I can have you on track for the first steps to take in the right direction. 

First we'll have an intake online conversation /phonecall/ skypecall for 15minutes. Afterwards I'll send you an intake form to get more details of you , so the first visit or online session  (60') can be more usefull with more specific information. Payments have to be proceeded before the first session. You can also choose the 5-times or 10-times membercard. It's up to you if you will feel committed to make a change or not. I'm only here to help you guide and give you advice. I'm not your doctor but I'm your holistic practicioner and I can't prescribe any pills or creams, blood tests, lab tests, medical advice but I can help you with food and lifestyle changes and that's where it all starts to a new beginning. 




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Healthy food & lifestyle coaching
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Massage with essential oils
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