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Ghent by Brasuco

Brasuco offers a multitude of workshops and events concerning healthy food in Ghent. I -- Annouschka Bauwens -- want to help, support and motivate people to embrace a wholesome lifestyle. I organize teambuilding sessions, give cooking workshops and sell flavorsome smoothies and lunchboxes. I even let people connect with their bodies via dancing or yoga.

Brazilian flavored

Brasuco is a combination of the words Brazil and suco (which means juice). The name gives away my fondness for Brazil. During my trips there, I fell in love with the country and its flavors, atmosphere, colors, and people. I started off by selling Brazilian fresh juices and smoothies here in Belgium, but soon expanded my tools of the trade.

Events and Team Building

Brasuco organizes events and team building sessions at your business or home. I serve plant-based foods and smoothies -- cocktails are also available! -- and there are different activities that we can do like yoga, body movement, massages, and dancing.

Plant-based Foods and Smoothies

You can order a delicious variety of plant-based foods and smoothies online at Brasuco. Improve your lifestyle and let food be your medicine. I sell smoothies and lunchboxes that will amp up your health and energy. You can order online.

Retreats and Workshops

Moving your body has great advantages for your health and mind. During our retreats and workshops, I teach you a variety of new skills. The Brazilian dancing classes keep you fit and young. It's a great way to connect with other people. Teachers from over the world come and share their moves and expertise.

Healthy Food and Lifestyle Coaching

During the lifestyle coaching sessions, I help people with health issues and teach them how to live a healthy lifestyle by eating vegan food. It's more than just about the food, though. I share some great exercises to relax, strengthen and stretch the body. Every session takes one hour.



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